SUVs provide Mathis drivers with a careful mix of power, tech, and comfort. Whether you're after a weekend adventure vehicle that's capable of taking on more than just endless highways or you're looking for a roomy family vehicle, we almost certainly have a used SUV that's well-suited to your driving needs in and around San Patricio County, TX. Our inventory of used SUVs is constantly being updated with new models, so if you don't see anything that meets your needs, be sure to stop back soon. If you have a few questions about the used SUV buying process, feel free to reach out to our team to get in touch with one of our team members.

Ground Clearance

One of the many great advantages that comes with buying a used SUV is the potential for excellent ground clearance. Ground clearance offers Corpus Christi drivers the capability to handle those more turbulent roads with increased ease. No more scrapping the bottom of your sedan when you go over that Mathis pothole. With a used SUV, drivers can enjoy plenty of room to keep cruise without having to worry about bottoming out.

Versatile Interior Space

SUVs have been the latest craze in the car world for many good reasons, with one primarily being that drivers can enjoy robust interior space. SUVs come in many different sizes and shapes, helping to cover a variety of driving needs. Looking for a used SUV that's just for your personal driving needs but want a vehicle with plenty of roomy for your camping and adventure equipment? If yes, then a used SUV is a great consideration. Our inventory of used SUVs includes many models that fits that description. From models like the Chevy Blazer to the Chevy Equinox and the Chevy Tahoe, there's plenty of models that could slot in as an option for the above-mentioned needs.

Ample Seating

If you're interested in a used SUV more for its ability to seat more than five passengers, then you can rest easy. Our inventory of vehicles boasts a variety of roomy three-row SUVs that ensure plenty of seating and cargo space in the rear. From legendary three-row models like the Chevy Tahoe to versatile models like the Chevy Traverse and Chevy Suburban, there's plenty of models in our used SUV inventory that could seat more than five passengers.

Modern Technology

When it comes to staying connected while on the go, our inventory of used SUVs has Mathis drivers covered. Our inventory of used SUVs boasts a variety of tech features that ranges from classic standard entertainment system with basic radio and audio setups to futuristic setups that include touchscreens and smartphone connectivity. SUVs manage to mesh the two worlds of versatility and convenience, ensuring that there's plenty of tech to assist with modern driving needs.

Impressive Power

What about power, you ask? Fear not, our used SUV inventory features a host of powertrain options that covers a variety of needs and capabilities. From performance-forward models like the Chevy Blazer to classic compact models like the Chevy Trax or Equinox, our used SUV inventory offers up plenty of power to enjoy. If you're looking to maximize available power, then one of our used three-row models is likely a good place to start.

Contact our Team to Schedule a Used SUV Test Drive

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